Chapel of St. George and the English Martyrs

St. Edmund Campion described his mission to England thus:

My charge is, of free cost to preach the Gospel, to minister the Sacraments, to instruct the simple, to reforme sinners, to confute errors– in brief, to crie alarme spiritual against foul vice and proud ignorance wherewith many my dear Countrymen are abused.

I can’t minister the Sacraments, and perhaps it ain’t my job to reform sinners, but being a Catholic in the Christ-haunted South, I have plenty of targets for crying spiritual alarm…

The image above is detail from Eric Gill’s bas-relief above the altar of the Chapel of St. George and the English Martyrs in Westminster Cathedral, London. Notice Sts. Thomas More on the left and John Fisher on the right of Our Lord. In the same chapel lie the relics and body of St. John Southworth.


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