The Ten Commandments of Nihilism

If you read nothing else all year, take the time to read Dr. Bob Godwin’s recent series (completed this morning) on his “Ten Commandments of Nihilism.” Mike Liccione writes of Bob:

I don’t always agree with Bob, but to me he seems to have the most sensitive spiritual antennae, and certainly the most reliable crap detector, in the blogosphere. He’s enormously creative while being decidedly unPC—a combination you gotta love even if you’re a liberal. And his writing, which makes liberal use of overstatement and downright tomfoolery, is unfailingly entertaining.

This is exactly my take, and it’s why even if I don’t “have time,” I “make time” to read whatever he posts. His affection for eastern spirituality makes me uncomfortable from time to time, but at the same time, it forces me to remember that while we may have the fullness of the truth in Catholicism, we certainly have no monopoly on it.

With that said, here are links to all of Bob’s series:

1. There is no Absolute and You Shall Bow Down before All of the Sacred Relativities we have Inserted in its Place
2. You Shall Acquiesce to Manmade Graven Images
3. You Shall Have a Vanity Plate in Your Head
4. Forget the Sabbath, because Time has No Vertical Dimension Anyway
5. You Shall Give Birth to Yourself and Trash the Past
5A. You Shall Honor Your Children by Being One
6. Thou Shalt Not Kill…but Murder is Fine
7. You Shall Commit Adultery
8. What’s Yours is Mine
9. You Shall Eternally Live a Lie
10. You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Envy

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