I think they want (more) chaos in Iraq

Maybe I’m just not sufficiently educated in military matters, but the whole notion of a publicly announced pullout in a war that isn’t over makes no sense whatsoever. I can just imagine the Sunni insurgents and radical Shia clerics biding their time, building up strength, to unload the instant the troops are gone. It’s like putting a sign outside your house for would-be robbers listing the hours you’re at work.

The Iraq war, by all accounts, isn’t going particularly well. And, I’m not all that convinced it was entered into justly. But, the damage is done and a pullout is the absolute worst thing for the Iraqi people. It’s only good for the insurgents and liberal American individualists who value only their own skins (and hate those half the time).


1 Response to “I think they <em>want</em> (more) chaos in Iraq”

  1. 1 Argent April 23, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    Your headline’s a rhetorical question, yes?

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