Yet another ending

I’m afraid I’ve gotten into the habit of resurrecting my blog, then shutting it down. It’s just so enticing to pontificate on various subjects, because for some reason I think I have something to say. Perhaps on some issues, it’s true, like stem cells and other scientific issues. But, I get caught up in other things, particularly cultural issues and stuff surrounding scandals in the Church. I wish I could say I could limit myself to only scientific and ethical subjects, but I don’t think I have the self-discipline to do it, at least not at this point.

What brought on this latest attempt at quitting (wow, I sound like an Internet addict–which is probably true) is the resurfacing of a commenter on another blog whose unstable ramblings about his former marriage cause me great spiritual harm. I shut down my old blog last September because of the same guy, but thought I was over it. But, it has become obvious to me that I am not. I take limited information and through spurious reasoning, end up judging far more than I should, and the echo chamber that is the Catholic blogosphere does not help matters. The Internet in this case has damaged my relationship with real people who I respect, and it’s going to take quite a bit of work on my part to recover from that.

I value the knowledge that I’ve gained from my interactions on this blog and in reading others’, but I’m coming to realize that the knowledge gained does not outweigh the dangers involved.

I’m not going to delete the blog, and I will continue to respond to comments on threads outstanding (particularly Brant’s question on the Holy Spirit). I may, from time to time, comment on scientific issues. But, I have to put a stop to this, yet again.

I encourage all of us to think about why we blog, and whether it’s worth the time and effort. Particularly if you’re like me and get sucked into issues and controversies. Are we doing any good? Are we saving souls? Or are we reinforcing each other into radical opinions that, when you step back, have little connection with reality?


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