My Lord Fishperson gets Fisked

Dr. Tony Esolen goes after Bishop Trautman’s insipid objections of the pending new translation of the Mass into English. Read it all…

A highlight:

In his address entitled “When Should Liturgists be Prophetic?”

Nothing like donning the mantle of prophecy — after one has doffed every other liturgical mantle in sight. Of course, bishops should be obedient first, and if they are, they may be granted a gift of prophecy, or even a gift of speaking in tongues. Alas, too often the bishops of every denomination speak out from their balconies, and all the assembled people below hear them — and they seem to each to be speaking in somebody else’s language.

Trautman raised concerns

Everybody these days “raises concerns.” If they raised welts, they’d be more honest.


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