Good doggie!

Heh. This is the funniest line I’ve seen in a long time… Scott Carson has a humorous essay discussing the plight of militant atheists like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, comparing their inability to understand religion with another phenomenon that our canine friends cannot understand:

If a dog could conceive of color vision, and if a dog were a rational creature, imagine what a low opinion we would have of his rational faculty if the dog were to tell us that, because he cannot make any sense out of the idea that the fire truck is a different color than the Gala apple, it follows rather obviously that there is no such difference, and that those of us who believe that we can actually see a difference in the colors are stupid, obscene, and obviously at odds with the empirical evidence. I think we would just pat him on the head and say “good doggie” and leave it at that.

So true… What’s the line? “Hoisted on their own petard”?


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