Seeing red

I don’t get mad very often. I try to remain optimistic. I thought it was possible, maybe even likely, that the media bias toward embryonic stem cell research was due to a sincere belief in the mythical panacea-like prospects of that research. Well, I think I was wrong. If this timing is coincidental, what about all the other breakthroughs that have gone underreported, if reported at all? Still haven’t heard a bit about the amazing artificial liver research going on in the UK. I had to dig for a while to find reports about the one patient treated with his own neural stem cells to alleviate his Parkinson’s symptoms for more than four years. No, these reports coming just two days after the election is very fishy indeed.

The Anchoress, to whom I’m indebted for that link, also points out that things in Afghanistan are just peachy, and the economy is looking great! Media bias? What media bias?


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