I ran across another blog by a recent Catholic convert, Scott Lyons, from somewhere west of me in NC. When he mentioned his Confirmation and first Eucharist in April, it came as a bit of a surprise to some of his readers. In response to a question about his decision, he wrote:

My moment of decision happened as soon as I first considered Catholicism. From that point, I was merely trying to discern the way into it. I felt compelled, almost, at the outset. So once I began my exploration and discovered that I had so very many misconceptions about Catholicism, it was a done deal.

It was almost the same with me. From almost the moment I started seriously studying Catholicism, I was hooked. I couldn’t break myself away; the logic, the cohesion, the fullness of it all was utterly compelling. It took me a few years to move from my intellectual decision to an emotional decision, because I was so deeply involved in my old Baptist church and I feared my family’s reaction; but like Scott, from the get-go, I could not shake the notion that the Church was what She claimed to be. I didn’t receive any dramatic visions or anything like that, but it was like I woke up from a lifelong dream into reality, instantaneously.

Since being received into the Church this past December, I haven’t looked back, not once. The troubles in Catholicism are many, and I wish they’d all just go away, but even with all the scandal, lack of catechesis, awful liturgies, and so on, it’s still home. I’ll be going back to the Baptist church this Sunday to fill in for the pianist, which I do from time to time, and while it will bring back just how much I miss the people, I’ll enter the sanctuary devoid of ornamentation, play in a service almost devoid of symbolism and reverence, and remember exactly why I am a Catholic.


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