Disobedience in OC

I’ve watched in amazement at the unleashing of the word “mortal sin” by a pastor in Huntington Beach, CA (also wondering if that was the first time one of the “progressive” lackeys of Bishop Tod Brown (otherwise known as Cardinal Mahony’s Lackey) had ever used the phrase “mortal sin”) in reference to parishioners who are refusing to follow Bishop Brown’s directive to kneel after the Agnus Dei. Two recent blogs summarize the goings-on quite well:

Joseph Bottum at First Things, who points out the irony of a liberal preaching hellfire and damnation (obviously diversity means only “our diversity,” and not yours). He also rightly decries the scandal that is resulting.

David Alexander (Man with Black Hat) makes the very good point that despite the irony and idiocy, and despite the irreverence of standing at this point during the liturgy, the Bishop is within his rights to demand it, and the parishioners are actually in the wrong to continue kneeling.

I read somewhere that folks are petitioning Cardinal Arinze directly to do something about this. We’ll see what happens… For what it’s worth, we in Chapel Hill don’t kneel, either. I don’t like it, but I live with it.


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