The Ultimate DVC FAQ

Holyoffice is at it again


Q: Why isn’t any of this in the Bible?
A: It is – but not the Bible the Man wants you to read! The truth uncovered by Brown is contained in scriptures like The Gospel of Thomas and The Secret Gospel of Oprah, works that depict the truth of Jesus’ humanity and marriage, despite being written several hundred years after the canonical gospels.

Q: How do we know these non-canonical works are more accurate than the canonical ones?
A: Because the people who regarded them as sacred came out on the losing end.

Q: So, the fact that they were ultimately less popular and successful than the canonical gospels means they’re true?
A: As Elaine Pagels explains it, yes.

Q: So, in that case, is the “real” foundational document of the U.S. government actually the Articles of Confederation?
A: Yes! I was just saying that to the President of Congress the other day.


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