The DVC Counteroffensive

Seeing as how critics think it’s generally an awful film, now’s the perfect time to really step up the campaign against The da Vinci Code.  And, it looks like that’s happening.  I was listening to the BBC on NPR as I was driving in this morning, and the public relations director (or something like that) from the Diocese of Westminster in London was on.  He was briilliant: you could tell he was having a hard time being even slightly serious about it.  Paraphrasing him slightly:

“The real Jesus is a whole lot more interesting than the suburban alpha male portrayed in the film.”

“Mary Magdalene is supposed to be a model for feminists, but yet in the film, her whole role is being linked up with the main man.”

“It’s too Pythonesque, too absurd to be blasphemous.”

“Much of the film is filled with lectures as boring as those by a batty old professor in history class.”

I loved it; in fact, I’m glad I made it safely to work I was laughing so hard.  Time after time, the interviewer’s serious questions about the “facts” in the film were diffused with witty ripostes, and the PR guy also made good points about the errors in Brown’s “history”.  Once the show is up on the Internet, I’ll pass along a link.


1 Response to “The DVC Counteroffensive”

  1. 1 Bekah May 17, 2006 at 12:17 pm

    The radio talk show I listen to frequently was discussing the DVC today. He was pointing out how absurd it would be to believe any of the claims of the book. He mentioned that he’s trying to get Amy Welborn on in the next few days, so I’m anticipating being able to hear her. 🙂 On the other hand, I don’t think we need to put in so concerted an effort against this movie. I think it will sink itself. I’m afraid that it’s been given way more attention than it deserves already. At the end of the day, you really cannot reason anyone out of an idea they haven’t reasoned themselves into. The people who believe this sort of thing will believe just about anything.

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