The Bonds of Egypt

Dr. Esolen laments the corruption of sport by money and narcissism. He’s spot on, as usual.

Why, indeed, do some of us (certainly myself) enjoy playing and watching sports? It’s certainly not because I’m worshipping idols; my favorite baseball player is Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux, for whom I pull purely because he stands for all that’s right in the nation’s pastime: guile, gamesmanship, guts, and sheer genius. He represents all us nearsighted, short and slightly pudgy professorial types who would love nothing better than to step out on the field and conquer our enemies.

It’s the strategy, the camaraderie, and the drama that suck me into baseball games. It’s vicarious battle, fulfilling some deep primordial need. And the multimillionaire primadonnas who strut out on the fields of the major leagues with chemically-enhanced bodies are nearly ruining it.


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