Wow, and I thought I had it bad

One of Amy Welborn’s readers relates his experience yesterday (see my last post for mine):

Am I the only one that had the experience of hearing a sermon on “The Good Shepherd” today based on “Brokeback Mountain”? I did not know that Jack and Ennis were such good shepherds. That most have been from the movie, because it wasn’t in the short story.

I had the thought to walk out of Mass. Instead I just tuned out the priest for the rest of the homily. I should have kept him tuned out longers, as one of his “intercessions” in the Prayer of the Faithful was for those who call themselves “Successors of Peter,” that they would re-evaluate their exclusive understanding of “No other name but Jesus” from the first reading in Acts.

I must be getting the hang of being Catholic, because I just stuck around and enjoyed the Eucharist.

At least the priest I heard isn’t creative enough to manipulate the Gospel to his ends, but just preaches on whatever he darned well pleases.


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