Will the Church allow condoms?

Controversy has swirled over the past few weeks about an upcoming Vatican report on the possibility of allowing condom use for couples in which one spouse is infected with HIV. I've kept quiet about it because I was not quite sure what to think of it, and I'm still not sure. Jimmy Akin has written an excellent analysis of the issue–as they say, read it all.

Given what Jimmy has written, my concern is this: that the very possibility of HIV infection might be used as justification for condom use. If I am correct in understanding the potential arguments, the strongest one is that it is a "lesser evil" to disrupt the procreative and unitive aspects of sex than to infect one's spouse with HIV. Another good case could be made for "self-defense" prophylaxis. However, what is the burden of proof? HIV tests will never be 100% accurate, and don't show up positive for at least 12 days after infection. What if your spouse refuses to be tested? How do you know for certain that he or she has been faithful?

I dislike "slippery slope" arguments, but this appears to be a perfect case for one. If Pope Benedict eventually approves a document dictating when it is licit for someone to utilize a condom, I pray such a document is extraordinarily specific. Because, if not, then I fear that anything could end up being justified.

(But of course, he's a whole lot smarter than me, so I'm sure he's thought of that!)


3 Responses to “Will the Church allow condoms?”

  1. 1 Bekah May 2, 2006 at 1:09 pm

    This one really doesn’t have me worried. The Church has stayed strong on this one for the last 2000 years, especially during the last century when the attacks have been coming so strong. I trust Pope Benedict, and I trust the Holy Spirit. They will not get this one wrong.

  2. 2 Edmund C. May 2, 2006 at 1:14 pm

    Oh, I’m not worried about the Church “getting it wrong.” Far from it. What I’m worried about is people taking and twisting whatever may be concluded to justify things that are wrong.

  3. 3 Bekah May 2, 2006 at 7:56 pm

    What else is new? LOL No matter what the Vatican ends up saying, I’m sure we’ll have to do some clarifying of some sort. The media just is adament about misunderstanding the Church.

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