Who designed the Designer?

If that’s the best punch the atheists can throw, then we’re in very good shape indeed. Matteo at “Cartago Delenda Est” (great blog title by the way) has a very nice fisking of Richard Dawkins’ latest attempt to debunk Intelligent Design. Mark Shea, being blunt as usual, calls Dawkins “still dumber than a box of hair.” I don’t know if I’d go that far: Dawkins is not dumb, he is just willfully ignoring the real world.

I’m bemused by the whole line of argumentation: “who designed the Designer?” That misses the point so far as to be ludicrous. Of course, the Designer in our case is supernatural and uncreated, therefore not designed. Dawkins’ argument, if it didn’t have plenty of other weak points as Matteo points out, would fail right then and there. As I’ve spent plenty of time writing on this blog, I am no fan of Intelligent Design as currently publicized by Behe, Dembski, Johnson et al. If all you mean by I.D. is that there is a Creator and He did design this universe in some way or another, then I’m an I.D. follower. But if you mean I have to agree with Behe’s arguments in particular, then I guess I’m not. And I am definitely no devotee of that pernicious idiot Dawkins.


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