Abortion leaves mental scars

Sometimes, it takes scientific studies to show people what common sense would have told them long ago, had they been listening. But, of course, these studies may be flawed, so the other side will latch onto that possibility. I’m inherently skeptical of epidemiological studies, but it is hard to argue with dramatic statistics. If the women in the miscarriage group had, say, 15% distress at 5 years and the abortion group 20%, even if that were “statistically significant,” it would be a negligible difference. But, 2.6% vs. 20% is nearly impossible to fabricate. Abortion causes long-lasting mental distress–which is perfectly logical considering that it is the killing of innocents. Miscarriage, while it is a distressing loss, is not a deliberate act, and therefore is unlikely to produce the same psychological problems.

With that said, I am absolutely positive that such good research will lead to no changes in policy. Or, perhaps, it will lead to a massive effort on the part of Planned Parenthood et al to start brainwashing counseling the women they “aid.” If I were in charge of PP, I’d launch a campaign to make “postabortion counseling” mandatory and extensive, to alleviate these “problems.” But, of course, I doubt that would work in the end, since the fact of the act of abortion remains.

(thanks to Crank at RedState.org for the link)


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